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Biotech division
Biotech Division 3. Technology description
3. Technology description

The Biotechnology Division in alliance with the Department of Plant Fisology of the University of Murcia, has developted a technology to be applied at industrial level for the in vitro production of vegetal active compounds. This technology is divided in two steps:


  1. Establishment of plant cell lines: The tecnical staff in the Biotechnology Division have enough knowledge and tecnical support for the induction of plant derived cell lines. This step is finally achieved when cell lines are successfully established in liquid culture medium.
  2. Stimulation and active compounds production increment: The aplication of the methodology developed in alianze with the University of Murcia makes possible the production and purification of different active compounds synthetized by cell cultures.


An advantage of this technology is that the accumulaion of the active compound take place in the liquid extracelular medium, making eassier the recovery of the active compounds and making possible the use of the same cell biomas in several production cycles. 


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